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iPhoneMY is a weblog with daily coverage of all things Apple. iOS and Mac news, reviews, rumors, tutorials. Written by the Apple obsessed, to the Apple obsessed. iPhoneMY was launched in May 2010.
We love talking about new apps for Macs, iPhones, iPod and iPads, and we don’t mind taking a look at new pieces of hardware every once in a while. iPhoneMY is updated multiple times a day with short and quick news (well, some of them aren’t really short), app reviews, tutorials, interviews, editorials. You’ll find our featured content (usually breaking news, exclusive material and reviews) at the top of the homepage.
Our primary focus is on reviews, news and editorials (the stories), but as we strive to keep our readers in the know, you’ll also find rumors, leaks, unconfirmed stuff on iPhoneMY. We try to filter out the noise every day, so don’t worry for absurd rumors ending up on the homepage.

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You can contact the iPhoneMY staff by clicking on the Contact button in the navigation bar (general inquiries, advertisement, rumors, troubleshooting, tips, new apps, press releases). Our direct email address is: admin[at]iphone-my.com.
In case it’s not clear: we love talking about new apps. Developers, get in touch with us now!