Prynt, the First Instant Camera Case for iPhone and Android

Digital photography has undoubtedly made the “art” of picture-taking a more practical, economical and accessible activity for the modern consumer – a practice where quantity is boundless and quality is subject to, more often than not, mediocrity. While cyber space has offered a fast and easy way to album your stills for the masses to spectate and provide commentary on, there’s an intimacy affiliated with tangible photographs that simply doesn’t translate into the digital sphere. With Prynt, a phone case which also doubles as an instant camera, obtaining hard copies of documented moments are as easy as plugging in your mobile, snapping a picture, and watching it print all within a matter of seconds.

With a current Kickstarter campaign pledge of $227,131 out of Prynt’s $50,000 goal, it appears as if others are also keen on the idea.