5 Apple Products We Can Only Imagine Today

Apple, like any respectable tech company, is always seeking new avenues through which to innovate, and while the digital community is always looking for clues as to what the Cupertino has up its sleeve, it’s also nice to check the more far-fetched ideas that fans and designers dream up. Here, we take a look at five products that would make for interesting commentary if ever released, and while a couple of them are certainly plausible, others are mere pipe-dreams.



This idea takes the form of a ring, which includes buttons that can control certain aspects of connected Apple devices. From controlling music playback to adjusting volume, this iRing concept is an intriguing one, and with a two-day battery life, it would certainly take pride of place as, by some margin, the only Apple gadget that could go such a distance.

With Apple Watch on the horizon, it could be argued that any features included with the iRing are essentially null and void, but with such a minuscule form factor, it could appeal to those who, by rule, don’t like wearing watches.

Apple Glass

Apple Glass

Back in October, we featured an eye-opening Apple Glass concept that borrowed many design cues from Google Glass. It’s much thinner and generally slicker than the product that the Big G is currently developing.

Whilst it’s easy to drool over the appealing finish, it’s worth pointing out that even Apple would struggle to fit the projector, camera, and numerous other hardware into such an unassuming pair of digital spectacles. Thus, for the time being, it seems unlikely that Apple Glass will become a reality; at least, not in a form similar to this.

Tim Cook has stepped out in the past and noted that Glass, while a good product, is not one for the consumer market, and given that Apple is all about consumer-level goods, this may well be a category that the Mac maker never explores.


Apple Water

With tech companies looking to cover all bases nowadays, the rather tongue-in-cheek suggestion of Apple creating a solution for bottled water has naturally been thrown up. The concept features a bottle designed to what most would deem an “Apple” specification, and arrives with a typically high price.

The rather hilarious concept even talks about additional accessories, such as the unspectacular cup marketed as an “optional ingestion vessel” – just one of the many jabs at Apple’s very persuasive, perhaps overstated marketing slogans.

Out of our countdown of Apple products existing in the memory, this is one that will doubtlessly remain as such, but for sheer comedic value, the guys at Scoopertino deserve their dues.

(Source: Scoopertino)