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How do I get iTunes Home Sharing to work on my iPhone?

We’re getting this question a lot so I thought I’d put together a really quick HowTo guide.
0. HomeSharing is the new feature in iOS 4.3/iTunes 10.2 that allows you to watch videos on your computer with your iOS devices.  Download and install iOS 4.3 on your iOS device and iTunes 10.2 on your Mac if you haven’t already.  Make sure your iOS device and your Mac are on the same Wifi network.
1. In iTunes 10.2.1, go to Advanced and click on “Turn on Home Sharing”
Then put in your iTunes Creds (Apple ID)…
2. On your iOS device, open and go to iPod:
3.  Open up your iPod app on your iPhone and hit the more tab at the bottom.  Then you’ll see your Mac’s share.
4. Enjoy!