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How To Correct Common Typos Automagically

text preferences window
In the System Preferences application, you’ll see an icon called “Language and Text”. If you open this, and select the Text tab, you’ll see a list titled “Symbol and Text Substitution”, which provides some useful text shortcuts. You can use these to auto-correct common typos as you make them, or to replace short text mnemonics with longer words or phrases.
A handful of shortcuts are provided built-in. One will automatically change (c) into a © symbol. Another changes “teh” into “the”, automatically correcting a very common typo.
Each one can be switched on and off using the checkbox next to it. They don’t work everywhere, particularly in third-party applications, but almost all Apple-made apps support these shortcuts just fine.
You can use the controls at the bottom of this list to add your own shortcuts. Click the plus sign to create a new snippet. Enter the thing you want to replace, with the thing you want it replaced with.
For example, if there’s a URL you often type, or an address or email boilerplate you use all the time, just devise a simple abbreviation you can remember, but which won’t crop up during normal typing.
This built-in system is convenient, but pretty basic. If you need text replacement shortcuts with more flexibility, investigate third-party paid-for options like TextExpander or TypeItForMe.