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How To Make Help Viewer Behave Like Regular Windows

20110510 helpviewer
It’s a safe bet that most iPhoneMY readers – and certainly all the iPhoneMY writers – are broadly in favour of almost everything Apple creates.
Almost everything.
If there’s one feature of OS X (Snow) Leopard that drives me and every other Mac user I’ve ever known mad with fury, it’s the Help Viewer, and its obstinate insistence on floating on top of every other window in sight.
The Help Viewer is the window that appears in most apps when you type something in the Help Menu.
By default, it floats above everything. Often, it covers up the very thing you’re trying to get help about. It doesn’t behave like all the other windows on your desktop, it seems to live in a world of its own.
Thankfully there’s a way to make it behave itself.
Open Terminal (type “Terminal” into the Spotlight search box to find it) and paste this line in:
defaults write DevMode -bool true
… then press Return. From now on, Help Viewer windows should behave like regular windows.
To undo your change, paste this into Terminal and hit Return:
defaults delete DevMode