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Pay More For Sustainability With Silva’s Gorgeous MacBook Cases

Bamboo has some marked advantages. It’s attractive, cheap, lightweight, environmentally sustainable and an excellently edible distraction in fending off a sudden panda-in-musth attack.
The Silva is a particularly handsome exercise in bamboo. Shaped to fit 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros, the Silva case is CNC machined and hand assembled, then fit with a leather strap for easy carrying. Inside, things are padded with wool felt. Despite its strength, the end weight is negligible just two pounds.
Attractive? Check. Lightweight? Check. Environmentally sustainable? Check. Excellently edible, as long as you don’t mind a panda gobbling your laptop? Check. The only quality the Silva case does not share with its material of choice is cheapness: one of these will cost you $180.