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The Alix Leather Laptop Tote Is One Big, Beautiful Bag

If you’re a packrat like me, and you need a really big bag for your MacBook plus everything else, you should seriously consider the Alix Laptop Tote Bag from J’Tote (pronounced zhe-tote).
I have been toting the Alix around for a month now. I have to say that this bag is my new favorite. It can take a beating and still looks great. If passion is your fashion, this bag is your match.Made of strong Brazilian Nappa leather, the Alix is a big, beautiful bag. The Alix can hold a lot. Besides my 13-inch MacBook, it can easily hold everything, including the kitchen sink. Plenty of room for spare files, books, notebooks and even an iPad. I especially like the flexibility of this bag. It has a lightly padded interior. It isn’t too thick but is thick enough to protect your tech. The interior has several pockets to put pens, business cards, a phone, camera and keys.
Like I said, this bag is vast. I especially like the small pocket on the outside which is perfect for an iPhone. I tend to put so much stuff inside this bag like water bottles, toys and snacks. Sometimes I feel like Mary Poppins.
It’s tough. I’m surprised at how well it has held up. It can handle being tossed about with little evidence of wear and tear. The thick strap is sturdy and will stay on your shoulder even if you wear a thick jacket. An additional cross-body stabilizer strap (also leather) comes with the bag but I have never used it.
Style-wise, the Alix stands apart from other laptop bags by its sleek chain necklace. The chain unzips to reveal a secret pocket that runs the width of the bag. I wouldn’t put anything too important in this pocket though, especially if you are rough on your bags like I am. Very often something will pull the chain zippers down without my knowing it. Whatever’s in the pocket may slide out unless you’re careful. It is a nice feature but is more ornamental than functional. The inside of the Alix is so vast that this secret pocket isn’t even necessary.
The Alix laptop bag is ideal for the professional woman. It’s a head-turner though, so get ready for those compliments!
Alix is available from j’tote for $278.00 in three different colors