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These Speakers Are The Ones Your iMac Deserves

If only Apple offered their own standalone speakers, we imagine they’d look something like this gorgeous DIY 2.1 speaker set-up, designed specifically to match the aluminum unibody aesthetic of Apple’s 27-inch LED Cinema Dispalay. Finding nothing available commercially, DIY modder Brett turned to a CNC machine to make his own speaker set-up, worthy of the mind of Ive.
Originally, the plan was to integrate a subwoofer into the desk housing the display and speakers itself, complete with box paths and room in the back for a USB hub, a power supply and storage. Unfortunately, that phase of the project has yet to kick-off, and so now these gorgeous and elegant speakers pump out their bass through umbilical to a subwoofer sitting on the floor.
Of course, while undeniably attractive, this 2.1 speaker set-up isn’t really totally loyal to the modern Apple aesthetic. In particular, the gold finish of the speaker phones isn’t exactly the sort of thing Jobs would approve of, and it’s hard to imagine Apple ever releasing a pair of speakers at all… let alone a pair this ginormously room commanding. Still, for audiophiles, these are the iSpeakers of which they’ve always dreamed.