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A true friend that keeps your loved ones informed about your safety : MayDay Light

Driving has always been risky, especially when a person prioritizes reaching their destination on time more than their safety. Whether it’s taking a flight on time or attending a function, there’s always a risk of meeting with an accident involved. We hope this doesn’t happen to anyone but MayDay is an app for you to get prepared if you care about yourself and the people who love you.
MayDay’s initial configuration is pretty simple and takes hardly 2 minutes to set up. Just add up to 5 email addresses you wish to notify in case of emergency and add the message to be sent. You also add the minimum speed interrupt ranging from 20-50 kms or miles per hour and you are done with the configuration.
A friend in need is a friend indeed
The app is your True friend when driving alone, or in an unknown location. Just like a friend it will keep your family members or loved ones informed about your safety. In case of any mishap, people in your emergency contact list will be updates with the information about your location instantly.
You just need to turn on the app and with the help of GPS and multitasking capabilities; the app will send information whenever required to your mentioned contacts in background.
This is a really useful app, one must have as a precaution when on road.
Screenshots from the app :