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Apple rejects iPhone radiation measurement app over lack of “interest”

It is a fact that all mobile phones emit a certain level of radiation. Yes, even the iPhone. That’s why a company named tawkon developed an application to measure the amount of radiation coming through your iPhone. According to the company the application was praised by Apple executives for its graphically appealing design, use of non-private APIs, and overall functionality.
We tried the front door via Apple’s App Store, including great discussions with senior Apple executives at their Cupertino headquarters who praised our app functionality and graphic appeal, and explored various technical solutions with us to overcome API restrictions and get tawkon onto the App Store.
The problem is that it was still rejected. This is not the first time an application was given a blessing from an Apple executive then still rejected (think Google Voice). After their app was rejected, tawkon e-mailed Apple CEO Steve Jobs inquiring about the reason. In return they got a simple “no interest.” For those interested in the application it is now available on Cydia via an iOS jailbreak.