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BIT.TRIP BEAT For Mac Is Trip-Tastic

CommanderVideo has given you a paddle, and you’ll have to keep up with the beat in order to succeed in BIT.TRIP BEAT on the Mac App Store. It’s like pong and maybe like brick breaker, where you bounce back various “beats” that are streamed across your display in conjunction with the level’s vibe. These aren’t your traditional ping pong bits either — they’re high intensity, moving bullets that bounce and force players to return a variety of patterns without missing. The more beats you return consecutively, the more rewarding the game gets with higher intensity tunes and occasionally trippier visuals. But like Guitar Hero, if you miss a beat, you’ll face the bleak reality of failure. Color fades into monochrome, and the screen beat is reduced to mere 8-bit blips. If you’re not getting those additional bonus points by chaining those high-pitched returns, it’s game over for CommanderVideo.
I find BIT.TRIP BEAT easier to play on the Mac than the iPad thanks to the trackpad. The game is pretty frenetic at times, and if you’re not quick with your fingers you’ll have no chance of completing the game’s lengthy levels. Mouse sensitivity, windowed mode, and even keyboard controls can be enabled in the options for maximum gameplay comfort. Whether you have an old Intel GMA Mac or a new AMD beast, BIT.TRIP is guaranteed relatively smoothly at your Mac’s default resolution. Currently on sale for $4.99, BIT.TRIP BEAT is a lot of fun if you’re ready for high intensity gameplay to the backdrop of trippy visuals and DJ rhythms.