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Cartoonize your world with MacPhun’s Doodle Cam

Cartoonize your world with MacPhun’s Doodle Cam.See the real-time world around you in hand drawn, cartoon animation with Doodle Cam. Just record a video or snap a photo using your choice of 11 different effects, then share the fun on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. You can even email your original, doodle-style video creations to friends from right inside Doodle Cam. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!
You’re people watching or attending a party. Whipping out your iPhone, you decide to have a little fun. You launch your Doodle Cam application and immediately start seeing the world in a whole new way.
As you watch, everything around you appears as if it is a cartoon. Look up at the action then back at your screen – yup, everything that’s happening in front of you is also happening in your view finder. In your phone though, everything and everyone is doodle sketched. The effects are in real time and the results are creative and hilarious. Go ahead, snap a photo or record the events in a video if you want, so you can email it to friends, share with your social network or upload to YouTube.
Doodle Cam is the only application in existence that allows you to record videos with cartoon-style effects. Your movies will look like hand drawn animations of real people, events and things. You get your choice of eleven different effects that can be changed as quickly and easily as tapping your screen. Once you’ve recorded your fun video, it can instantly be saved or shared.
A quick tap on the camera button is all you need to get started when you’ve found something that you want to record. Like to mix things up? Great, just tap on the screen while you’re recording to change effects as you go. Simple, right?
There’s nothing complicated about Doodle Cam. What you see is what you get. However your video or photo looks on your screen is how it will look when saved. You have total creative control. You can even select the quality of the output video and add any of seven soundtracks from within the App.
Don’t think that just because Doodle Cam transforms life into art that the images are anything less than top quality. All of the doodle-style effects are beautifully done. You can take pride in the final product.
Here are some of the features that Doodle Cam offers you:
* See the real world around you in cartoon form
* The only App offering recording of videos with cartoon-style effects
* Transforms life to cartoon art in real time
* Incredibly easy to use
* Beautiful doodle-style imaging
* Your choice of 11 different effects
* Easily change effects as you record
* What you see on the screen is what you get in the recording or photo
* Select from 5 different soundtracks for your videos
* Save resulting photos and videos to your camera roll
* Instantly share your videos via email, Twitter, Facebook
* Upload your videos to YouTube
If you like to have fun and create original works, you need to download Doodle Cam now. Once you do, you’ll have the only app in the world that allows you to record real-time cartoons from real life.
Enjoy. We’ll watch for your original videos on YouTube.
Please Note: works only on iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4.