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Caught on camera? This is UFO on Tape!

UFO on Tape
Revolutionary Concepts has just released UFO on Tape, a hyper-realistic take on the AR (Augmented Reality) genre that is hitting the App Store by storm, especially so with recently released ARDefender that is a TRUE take an augmented reality experience right here on the iPhone.
How much footage will you get, will it be clear, will you be kidnapped and subjected to scientific experiments? Only time will tell!
With photo-realistic graphics (no video or camera tricks here), the best use of the gyroscope or accelerometer this side of the vega system, loads of in-game voice dialogue from your hysterical virtual girlfriend, gamecenter scoring, and the kind of elusive ‘just one more try’ gameplay that keeps you up till the wee hours, ‘UFO on Tape’ is the ultimate pick up ‘n play hi-score chaser!
The kind of unique gaming experience that is all to rare and will only be found on iOS devices.
You will believe!
A note from the developer
An innovative game sometimes needs a bit of background explanation especially where in cases like this screens don’t compare to seeing the game in motion 🙂
(a) Screens show actual in-game graphics! UFO on Tape is designed for the iPod Touch and iPhone and does not require or use the iPhone camera in any way.
(b) It may look uber-realistic (that was the plan 🙂 but we can tell you it does not contain pre-recorded video. It is a high quality game that allows you to move anywhere within the game world.
(c) The game makes exquisite use of the gyroscope but players with older devices will have just as much fun using the built-in tilt controls.