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Contacts – All in One is a one stop solution for all your mobile communication needs

Do you find it is time consuming and difficult to use iPhone’s basic apps to communicate with people, Contacts –All in One could be an app that will cater to your needs in an easier and much efficient way. The name of the app says everything about it in a right way. Contacts –All in One is an app which can be used to send SMS, e-mail, Group sms , group e-mail , email’s with CC/BCC with a much improved pattern keyboard and recent contact lists.
I generally send messages to friends whom i usually talk or send an email to client i just spoke to or vice-versa. This is where recent contact list comes into play, making the contacts selection a much simpler process.  Recent contact list aggregates contacts from your recent call history, received sms , sent sms , email inbox and most used contacts .You can also remove contacts from the list just with a swipe on the contact and make call to the most recent contact in your recent list just with a shake of device , this feature is called as Snap call feature .
Another great feature which has been integrated in the app is groups. You can create multiple groups according to categories or depending on your requirement and use those anytime in future to send SMS or email .These groups can be edited in future to add and remove contacts from them.
What makes sending messages and mails on Contacts All in one simple and quick is the pattern keyboard which predicts and auto-corrects words better than the basic keyboard. You can send mails and messages with rich text and all default features seen in stock apps like CC/BBC with an ease . Using the fields To , CC and BCC is pretty simple and defined on screen in a way that conserves lot of place . With Contacts All in one you can quickly send your location details to your friends or family by simply pressing the location key on keyboard (use shift to use it).
Features of Pattern Keyboard:
  • Don’t need to type every single word.
  • Just a Tap suggested words instead of typing.
  • You can find the word with one or two letters.
    (Sometimes you don’t need to type anything~ It just shows~ It’s Unbelievable!)
  • It is automatically sorting and expressed by your way of speaking as you use.
  • Suggested words including the apostrophe.
    ( ex – [ what’s / It’s / how’s / I’ll / etc.. ] )
  • Big and Wide Horizontal Keyboard.
Contacts All in One is currently available in Korean, English and French languages. Overall Contacts All in One is a pretty cool app which does what it says and integrates some very essential features which makes communicating with people on phone easier. A Worth buy if you would like to make your iphone simpler and quicker to use. Currently Contacts All in One is on sale and available for just $0.99 for a limited time (generally $2.99).
Screenshots from the app :