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Covert surveillance app goes FREE for April Fool’s Day

More Professional, More Accuracy, Better Performance! 
iTelescope PRO has finally arrived on the App Store! It’s the Pro Version of iTelescope – the popular and top paid navigation app in the US/CN/UK/JP and other countries!
iTelescope PRO integrates high accuracy angular measure, rangefinder, altitude measure, electronic viewfinder, night vision spyglass, 4x zoom camera, GPS location, data transfer and other useful functions. It is the most professional and completed toolkit in lots of areas, with higher accuracy and more smooth performance than iTelescope!
It is a rangefinder and inclinometer in climbing, a sextant and theodolite in sailing, a rangefinder in golf, a GPS navigation in travelling, a electronic viewfinder and 4x zoom camera in photoing, even a milspec rangefinder(sniper) and night vision sometimes.
All functions in iTelescope PRO are designed with milspec and the accuracy near 100%. The interface uses the standards of MGRS (Military Grid Reference System) and HUD (Head Up Display). The app is used extensively by explorer, surveyors, geologists, architects and engineers.
Via iTelescope PRO, you can encrypted share your photos and metrical data to your friends whenever and wherever.
Features of this App
-Milspec sighting telescope, rangefinder with mil standard
-Night vision with filter chip and electronic identification, applicable in different environments
-Compass(U.S. military standards), precisely indicates the current direction
-Azimuth, elevation or spherical angles accurate measurement
-GPS location,theodolite
-4x zoom camera with a electronic viewfinder
-Encrypted data share