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Follows App Tracks Your Online Popularity

Follows is a new app for the iPhone and iPod touch that can track your popularity and growth across various online services such as Twitter, Facebook, Feedburner etc. It was originally developed for internal use but is now available on the App Store for anyone to download. 

Social networkers, bloggers, developers, and business owners can use Follows to easily and quickly keep tabs on their online presence.

Use this app to chart how many followers, friends, likes, subscriptions, connections or views you’ve accumulated across various social networks and services.

You can provide a custom URL to follows and have it track private data such as newsletter subscribers, comment counts, visitors, app installs, etc.

Currently Supported Services:
● Twitter
● Facebook
● Feedburner
● MySpace
● Vimeo
● YouTube
● Custom (In-App Purchase)

You can download Follows from the App Store for free.

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