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5 Fun Games: Shivers Up Your Spine, Time to Sell Fear, Magical Customer Service and More

Shiver Vanishing HItchhiker Collector’s Edition for Mac
Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Here’s this week’s selection by Mac Games and More featuring fun, casual games you can play into the weekend. The game picks include a hitchhiker’s guide to hidden object adventure, working with witchcraft, sensational haunted mansions and more. Come back every Friday to check out the games. Have a good weekend.
Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker Collector's EditionShiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker Collector’s Edition (adventure/hidden objects) – Track down a missing hitchhiker so you can give her the things she left in your car…. in Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker. Explore a scary places in this scary hidden object adventure Mac game. Get tangled in the mysterious web as you progress through beautiful locations and scenes but don’t miss this collector’s edition version, which has exclusive extras and goodies not found in the standard version. Download it now 

Spooky RunesSpooky Runes (match three/puzzle) – Feel the chills up your spine as you hear the creaking floors, bizarre noises, your own scream and creepy music as you play this spooky match three game. Spin and place runes to make lines of three or more in Spooky Runes, a fun and thrilling game for the any time of the year. Get into the spirit of the ghosts and goblins no matter what month it is and rotate the haunted runes to activate powerups and fill the orbs before you run out of time. Download it now 

Miriel the Magical MerchantMiriel the Magical Merchant (time management) – Don’t call Miriel a “witch.” She’s a magical merchant and needs your help supplying customers buckets of water, eggs, bread and whatever other items they ask for. As a witch, I mean, magical merchant, you’d think she could simply use a spell or magical wand or fancy gesture to make sure she succeeds in her business but it doesn’t seem to work that way. Doh! She should’ve attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Back to the game. If you’re someone who likes games like Diner Dash, you’ll probably enjoy Miriel the Magical Merchant, as well. Download it now 

Fear for Sale The Mystery of McInroy ManorFear for Sale The Mystery of McInroy Manor (adventure/hidden objects) – Fear for Sale Magazine covers sensational, spooky stories. Inside this Mac game, Emma, a budding writer working for the magazine, is sent to investigate a scary haunted mansion that has been closed up for many, many years but recently becomes available to the magazine only. She’s been assigned to write a story about this mansion, McInroy Manor, which has a twisted past that she’s about to discover. Once on the scene, she meets tortured souls of the McInroy family and is tasked at setting their souls free. Help Emma if you’d like to dive into a creepy adventure/hidden objects Mac game. Download it now 

Royal Challenge SolitaireRoyal Challenge Solitaire (card games) – They haven’t reinvented the wheel here but the game of solitaire remains the most popular card game ever since our ancestors invented it. With many backgrounds, designs, achievements, arrangement and modes to choose from, take on Royal Challenge Solitaire and progress through scores of hands full of fast, edge-of-your-seat game play. Remove all of the cards from each table as quickly as humanly possible and score big. Download it now