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Another Infinity Blade update coming soon

Joystiq reports that Infinity Blade, the hit iOS game running on the Unreal 3 engine, is due for an update “very, very soon” according to Chair co-founder Donald Mustard. Following its release last December, Infinity Blade received a minor update just two weeks later featuring a new enemy and a handful of new items. From what Mustard has said, this upcoming update sounds a bit more ambitious; he said the update “will add a ton of new content to the game and expand on some of the themes and story that you’ve already started to see.”
Chair is intently focused on providing support for Infinity Blade, and Mustard says, “We’ve decided we’re going to give our content away for free.” That’s very refreshing news, and something I hoped for in our initial Infinity Blade review: more content than the somewhat limited initial scope of the game, at little to no added cost for those who purchased it.
Between Chair’s commitment to providing updated content for Infinity Blade, the fact that there isn’t a separate and more expensive “HD” version for the iPad, and the game being downright fun to play and gorgeous to look at, US$5.99 for Infinity Blade is looking like a very good deal the more time goes by.