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Army of Darkness: Defense coming to iPhone and iPad on May 12th

Army of Darkness: Defense coming to iPhone and iPad on May 12th
Get ready to start wielding your boomsticks as Backflip Studios has just informed us that the long awaited game based on 1992′s cult classic Army of Darkness film is about to be released.
In perhaps the most perfect marriage of a film scene and game premise of all time, Army of Darkness: Defense is a castle defense game that takes place during the pivotal castle scene within the movie where Ash and his allies defend the powerful Necronomicon (book) within Lord Arthur’s fortress from the onslaught of Deadites (living dead). Gamers take on the role of the chiseled chin, one-liner-spouting Ash while summoning familiar troops, spells and weapons from the movie to help in the defense. Gameplay features include over 150 direct lines of dialogue from Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, and beautifully animated graphics using the well-known “Granny 3D” engine. Army of Darkness: Defense gives Ash the ability to call upon a wide variety of allies to help preserve the Necronomicon including swordsman, armored knights, archers and more. In addition to the originally composed sound and music, the app also features many of the famous characters from the movie including Arthur, Henry, Sheila, the Wiseman, Evil Ash, and more.
This is a must buy for any fan of Bruce Campbell or of the films. Army of Darkness: Defense will be available in the App Store on May 12th for the iPhone/iPod Touch for $0.99 and for the iPad for $2.99. Very “Groovy”…
Gameplay video after the break!