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Atomix is the iPad’s first video game magazine

There are more and more magazines appearing on the iPad now, some good and some bad.Atomix is definitely at the good end of the spectrum, not least because it’s being produced by Area 5, former creators of the 1UP Show at
“The iPad app is intended as a global product,” says Atomix founder Oscar Noriega, “and we knew we needed to release simultaneously to Spanish and English-language markets.” That and a desire for a heavy video content led to Area 5.
“We loved the idea from the start,” says AREA 5 co-founder Ryan O’Donnell. “We’re huge fans of the possibilities inherent in touch-screen devices and we knew even from early versions of the app that Atomix ‘got’ it.”
Atomix sells for US$0.99 per issue at the moment, although subscription options will be available eventually. The magazine will be covering games from all over, not just on the iOS platform; L.A. Noire is on the cover, and among other games Atomix also covers Killzone 3, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Journey.