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Capcom Implements In-App Purchase Cap To Avoid Future Smurf-Gate Controversies

Smurf's Village
We’ve covered Capcom’s dealings in the free-to-play social game arena pretty closely over the past few months. The respected gaming company has come under a lot of scrutiny in the press over their policy on digital purchases. Most notably were the $100 “smurfberries” in their popular social game Smurf’s Village. Advocacy groups targeted Smurf’s Village after a story came out about a child inadvertently spending thousands of dollars on virtual goods.
After taking the brunt of the flak for this issue (they’re not the only ones who offered virtual items at exorbitant prices) Capcom has chosen to implement a mandatory cap in their latest update for the game. The cap will limit how much money anybody can spend on virtual items in their games.
The cap isn’t a cost cap, but rather an item cap. You can only make five purchases per fifteen minute period. The idea, it seems, is to put a limit on how many purchases can be made without parental permission. After entering the iTunes code the user has fifteen minutes of purchasing time before they’re require to input the password again. This could help parents keep a better handle on their kid’s spending habits without staring over their shoulder all day.