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Capcom is back again with its $0.99 sale. But hurry!

They did it back in July 21st of this year. Today, Capcom is {again} putting itself its games up for sale.
Here are the usual suspects for your cheap – but enjoyable – gaming pleasure:
  • Resident Evil 4 (was $4.99)
  • 1942: First Strike (was $1.99)
  • Mega Man II (was $2.99)
  • Dark Void Zero (was $2.99)
  • Cash Cab (was $4.99)
  • Cash Cab: Las Vegas (was $1.99)
  • Are You Smarter Than A 5TH Grader? 2010 (was $1.99)
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2010 (was $1.99)
    If any of the above quality titles catches your fancy, or maybe you have been holding off the purchase waiting for a price drop, then what are you waiting for? It can never get any cheaper than this!