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Capcom’s free Arcade adds Final Fight, 1943

Capcom has added two more titles to its free Capcom Arcade app that hit the App Store a while ago. First up is the classic beat-em-up Final Fight, and it’s a big retro release for Capcom — they’ve even changed the app’s name and icon just to celebrate. Final Fight’s a great game, as you may remember from the days of arcades gone by. As with all of the other titles in Capcom Arcade, you can play three times a day for free, pay a buck to play any of the games ten times a day, or pay a certain amount (currently just a dollar, as all of the titles are on sale) to “buy the arcade machine” and get unlimited play. It’s an interesting deal designed to give you something to try out even if you don’t want to shell out for the whole collection.
Also, 1943 has also been added to the mix as the sequel to the old WWII style plane top-down shooter. Capcom promises there will be two games added into the app every single month, so stay tuned — hopefully we’ll see even more retro titles in the future.