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Daily App: Land-a Panda

Land-a Panda has been tearing up the App Store charts lately, and for good reason. It’s a fun mix of platformer and physics puzzler that has you catapulting a panda through a series of levels in order to try and get him to his beloved mate.
There’s even a little Cut the Rope influence here. Your panda gets launched from a seesaw to start the level, and from there, he is fired from cannon to cannon to the other side of the map. Sometimes you have to time your launch just right, other times you can rotate the cannons around to line up your shot, and there are lots of other obstacles and mechanics that pop up later in the game.
Land-a Panda is a lot of fun, and there’s a ton of content to go through as well. There are 80 levels across a few worlds in the game already, and more content is on the way. It works with the Retina Display on the iPhone, there’s full integration with OpenFeint and Game Center, and the whole experience is well-polished and works great. The app’s not universal, but at US$0.99 for the iPhone and just a buck more for the iPad (and lite versions for both devices with 16 levels unlocked), it’s a great deal that’s easily recommended.