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Doodle Jump adds multiplayer race with version 2.0

Lima Sky has just released an updated version of its insanely popular Doodle Jump game. The 2.0 release adds the ability to compete against your friends in a multiplayer race to the top. The multiplayer race requires a Wi-Fi network and is limited to your Game Center friends.
For those of you patiently waiting for an iPad-optimized version of Doodle Jump, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. The 2.0 release isn’t a universal app. However, iPad owners who are Doodle Jump fans can download the free Hop app for iPad, which is basically Doodle Jump in animated, Hollywood movie tie-in bunny form.
The latest 2.0 version of Doodle Jump is a free update to current owners and the usual US$0.99 for anyone who hasn’t bought the app yet.