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Doodle Jump celebrates two years, 10m downloads, heading to Kinect

Doodle Jump was one of the first really big hits on the App Store and two years after release it’s still rolling right along. Lima Sky has announced that the app just hit 10 million paid app downloads, and it’s about to get featured in a Universal film as well. Angry Birds has gotten a lot of headlines lately, but Doodle Jump seems to share almost as much awareness among the massive iOS audience.
Plus, Lima Sky is pushing the franchise forward — an iPad app is still being created and set to be released soon, and the game is coming to Microsoft’s Kinect system for the Xbox 360. There’s no information on how that will work just yet, but presumably players will be able to use their body to control the little guy, perhaps by leaning left or right on camera to make their way up the various platforms. The iPhone app will get a multiplayer update as well. Doodle Jump is already quite popular, and in the short timeframe that iOS has been around, it’s already one of the classic apps. It’ll be interesting to see how the property grows as developers push forward this year.