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Doodle Jump creator suing those using “Doodle” in apps

An increasing number of developers on the App Store are receiving legal notices that they’re violating Lima Sky’s trademark on the word “Doodle” if they have an app/game in the App Store with the offending word “Doodle” in it.
In short, Lima Sky, the developer of Doodle Jump, is asking Apple to remove games that infringes on the “Doodle” trademark. From there, Apple sends out a letter to the developer of the game in question, and they have five days to respond or else their game gets yanked off the App Store.
What is interesting to note is that, although Doodle Jump was (and still is) a bestseller, it is not the first game to incorporate such a gameplay mechanism in the App Store. Case in point – PapiJump.
It wasn’t the first game with “doodle” in its title either, as Adrian Cummings of Mobile Amusements pointed out, they originally released Doodle Bug in 1992, and plan on bringing it to the App Store.
We’ll bring you more of this legal tussle as it unfolds. Stay tuned to iWorld.