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EA iOS revenues up 100%, Firemint mentioned

EA held a conference call yesterday to talk about the past year’s revenues, and it’s no surprise that the mobile division is doing great. The mobile revenue total was $70 million for the last quarter, up 27% from the same period last year. It doesn’t sound like things were quite as busy as the holiday season that set records recently, but iOS and its mobile counterparts are definitely a moneymaker for the big traditional gaming company. iOS specifically, says EA, is up “over 100%” in revenues from the previous year. And that even compares favorably to the more traditional handheld consoles — the DS brought in $28 million and PSP picked up $16 million, both sizable numbers, but lower than the mobile total for sure.
The recent Firemint acquisition was also mentioned during the call, but only tangentially. Eric Brown didn’t mention the actual purchase price, but he did say that “overall on price, it’s less than $25 million.” He also called the deal “a great pick up and we’re super excited to have that talented team join EA.” EA is definitely building quite the mobile powerhouse.