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EA Mobile brings FIFA ’11 to iPad

Electronic Arts has brought their soccer game, FIFA ’11, to the iPad — featuring authentic teams and well-known player along with precision controls impossible on smaller screen sizes. Players can control the ball with 360-degree player movement and gesture-driven skill moves, and choose from over 500 teams.

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The game, which sells for $10, is an exceptional 890MB in size due to it’s high-quality graphics and animation. The game is designed solely for iPad to take full advantage of the HD graphics, visual clarity and new D-pad and button options. Users can swipe to move players, or tap twice to engage particular skills, as well as accomplish passes, rifling shots, penalty kicks and other maneuvers. Because the controls can be smaller on the iPad, action is more precise and responsive.

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Players can play in the Premier League, La Liga, MSL and others, and play in Season Mode, Tournament mode or Quick Match.

FIFA ’11 is available now and available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish