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Final Fantasy III for iPad is Now Available, Still Expensive

Late last month, iOS gamers got a very nice treat in the form of Final Fantasy III, an enhanced version of the classic role-playing game from RPG juggernaut Square Enix. It came with a hefty price tag though, and at $15.99 it was one of the more expensive games to be released lately. Today Square Enix launched a new iPad native version of the game with a still heftier price tag.
The new price tag for the iPad version will be set at $16.99. This high of a price probably rubs most iOS gamers the wrong way, but it may help to remember that this exact same game debuted at $39.99 on the Nintendo DS, which was considered a normal price. So even though FFIII iPad may cost close to double what most other high-quality iPad games cost, just remember that $16.99 would have been considered a very cheap game before the App Store gold rush cratered game prices.
The iPhone version that launched last month was considered extremely expensive for an iPhone game at $15.99. The decision to add a single dollar to the price seems kind of odd.
FFIII originally debuted all the way back in 1994 though it didn’t release in the West until the 2006 remake on the Nintendo DS. The iPad version is an enhanced version of the 2007 remake, optimized with touch controls and other niceties.
Final Fantasy III [iTunes Link] is available now, and as of right now is not universal.