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Game Time: Who Gives a Flick?

Today’s Game Time is all about the iPhone’s all important input command – the flick. This week’s games will have you kick, sip, and heelflip your way to becoming a flickin’ master.

Paper Football 3D

Jirbo, Inc
It’s been years since we last played Paper Football, but despite new advances in technology and origami, the game is fundamentally unchanged. Slide a folded triangle of paper towards the end of the desk. If you hit the right spot, you get a touchdown. Then kick it through the uprights (people’s fingers) for an extra point. Simple enough, and even easier on an iPhone where a simple sliding motion suffices for your kicks.
The fact that we’d rather just kick the football (or paper triangle) has been unchanged too. Luckily Paper Football 3D happily obliges, allowing you to enter “kick mode” or, as we like to call it, “the only mode we play.”

Beer Pong Classic

Cory Ledin

There are tons of Beer Pong games for iOS devices, but none capture the nasty basement feel quite like Beer Pong Classic. The rules are simple, the atmosphere feels spot on, and as you drink more cups your characters starts swaying side to side, which makes the game harder, but more fun. You can lob shots by using less power and aiming higher, throw shots by using more power and aiming lower, and even bounce shots – which is worth two cups.

Is it just us or are those cups filled with Cap’n Crunch?
Oh, and you don’t actually have to flick, really all you need to do is hold and release, but we’ve found that little extra flick puts our shots where we want ’em to be–namely, our opponents’ cups. Sure, it’s not the most complex game ever, but frat boys everywhere need something to put on their iPhones, right?
We wish that a game that we paid for didn’t have a stinkin’ advertisement on the top at all times, but it’s a small regret compared to the fun of throwing ping pong balls into red cups.


Illusion Labs AB$4.99
Remember Touchgrind? It was preloaded on Apple Store iPod touches and doubtless swayed many weary buyers. Unfortunately, at $4.99 it was a bit steep for an app, especially after people had likely just dropped a few hundo on an iPod. Which is to say, once we bought our iPod touch we couldn’t afford it. A few years later, we finally bought it and what do you know, it’s still awesome.
Touchgrind is exactly like a virtual tech deck. You can go on ramps, rails, and fun boxes but to be good you have to have the flick perfect. This flick varies in direction, speed, and timing, so it takes a bit of finesse to totally nail it, but there’s a feeling of utmost virtual accomplishment when you stick something insane.

Editor’s High Score 19,511
That’s it for this week’s Game Time. Have any games you want to see in next week’s Game Time? Sound off in the comments!