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Gameloft teases with trailer for upcoming “9mm” game

Gameloft unveiled a teaser trailer for its upcoming game, 9mm, another 3D action game centered around crime, not totally unlike the Gangstar series but a lot better than that.
Players can expect better graphics, and a downright dirty & gritty tone to the play style of the game. With a tagline of “Only the bravest cops can keep peace and order in the toughest areas”, we can easily surmise that the player in 9mm shall assume the role of a cop to withhold peace & order in a city artfully created by Gameloft.

Another point worth mentioning is the use of a bullet-time slow-mo effect during one of the action sequences in the trailer (above), which was pioneered by the Max Payne series of games. If this is part of the eventual gameplay of 9mm, hell – we’re sold!
We’ll bring you more updates once 9mm hits the App Store. Stay tuned!