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Gameloft’s GTA-Clone Gangstar: Miami Vindication On Sale For 99 Cents

Gangstar Miami Vindication
The Gangstar series was one of the App Store’s earliest gaming hits. It was essentially the progenitor of Gameloft’s highly successful me-too let’s-copy-this-popular-game approach to iPhone design. Regardless of where its inspiration came from, it’s still a very high quality 3D action series. Now we have word that Gangstar: Miami Vindication [iTunes Link] is on sale for a puny 99 cent sale.
This iteration wasn’t quite as highly lauded as the first (likely because the technology was just so breathtaking in the first game) but it provided more of the same GTA-aping formula that Gameloft supplied in Gangstar: West Coast Hustle [iTunes Link]. The cheap 99 cent figure is a very good deal for either of these games.
You play as a farm-boy from the Miami panhandle who comes to the big city to save his little brother. That’s really all you need to know about the story. The rest is about riding a motorcycle while firing an uzi and/or flamethrower.
It’s not likely to take over the spot of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars [iTunes Link] on your iPhone, but it’s worth a look anyway if that’s the sort of game you’re into. Check out the video below to see a clip of the embarrassingly enormous polygons and over the top action.