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Heroes Blade is a strategic RPG-based Card Game

Introducing, Heroes Blade.
It is the first of its kind on your mobile device – an rpg-style turn based strategy card game played with a deck of exclusive spell and minion cards that you buy and upgrade over time. With each passing victory you will earn more gold to buy new cards and upgrade the ones that you already have into more powerful versions. You will face over 25 different characters that you must defeat in levels until you are ready to face the last titan!
Features of Heroes Blade.
* 90+ upgradeable minion cards
* 30+ different spell cards
* 6 unique traits
* 25+ distinctive characters ready to smash you into the ground
* Duelling mode for challening your friends
There are over 120 different cards to help you defeat your opponents along with 6 different traits that will help you gain an advantage over your powerful enemies.
More cards will be added with each passing update along with new characters, traits and bosses. There are dozens of different strategies that you can try and such a diverse selection of cards that you will replay this game over and over to find all the unique and awesome content in the game!
Future updates will be player-influenced, so you can LITERALLY be a part of this game.
AvailabilityHeroes Blade is out in the App Store for iPhone/iTouch ($1.99) as well as the iPad ($3.99).