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High Flyer Death Defyer Plummeting onto iPhone

High Flyer Death Defyer
We often like to poke fun at some of the corny fantasy game names that pop up on the app store, but High Flyer Death Defyer is essentially the antithesis of that. Not only does it sport a fantastic title, but it’s also a very entertaining-looking new concept on iOS. Imagine the popular Glyder series [iTunes Link] then remove the wimpy hang glider and replace it with a jet pack…and brawn.
High Flyer Death Defyer isn’t as adrenaline-fueled as it may sound though. The first video we’ve seen of it in action is actually quite beautiful. The scenery is drop dead gorgeous and the soundtrack of the first trailer is similarly beautiful. The gameplay itself rips a page from the book of the popular PC indie title AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity.
You leap off of a large structure then plummet to the ground while avoiding obstacles and hitting targets on the way down. HFDD seems to take a markedly less terrifying approach to the subject though. More in the vein of the aforementioned iOS title Glyder, HFDD seems to be more relaxing and beautiful than heart-pounding and intense.
The game was just revealed at WonderCon in San Francisco this weekend, and the announcement trailer can be viewed below. The game is currently on track for a Fall 2011 release date and is being developed by Game Mechanic Studios which is made up of veterans from Activision and EA that have worked on games like the Tony Hawk and Medal of Honor franchises.