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Highborn updated with Chapter 2 as DLC Pack

Highborn (by Jet Set Games) is a casual, round-based strategy game, perfect for gaming on the go, or for anyone looking for an intelligent, tactical experience without the frenetic play of a traditional real-time strategy game.
Highborn features two types of strategy games in one. Move your army around an overhead map to capture points of interest and receive spells and combat support; then dive into combat to deploy those advantages against an unsuspecting enemy!

Chapter 2 can be unlocked through a 99¢ in-app purchase (or $1.99 on iPad) and contains 8 brand new missions with new enemies, allies, and structure types.
Also included in this update is another long awaited feature, shake to undo, as well as an assortment of other nifty improvements. Units now display their available attack radius when moving, monoliths display what spells they hold and a cool-down timer in between uses, and there’s now a screen following a mission that displays various statistics about your battles.