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Infinity Blade: Arena coming out May 19

The long-awaited multiplayer update to Epic Games’ iOS hit Infinity Blade has finally been revealed, and will be landing on the App Store later on this week. The update is called Infinity Blade: Arena, and allows players to play as a Titan or a Knight, battling against their friends. The mechanics aren’t completely clear yet, but as you can see above, the battles will have players hacking and slashing against each other, close enough to the game’s standard format.
The update also includes an Arena mode, where players can take on a continuous stream of enemies to see how long they can last. It also includes a ton of new items, including Holiday helmets, as well as lots of other rings, swords, shields, and armor to pick up and master with the game’s XP system. Facebook integration is also new, and will let players show off characters right on their Facebook pages.
Sounds great. The update is free to owners of Infinity Blade (which we should all be at this point), but if you don’t have the game yet, you can grab it for $5.99 on the App Store. If that’s too much, just stay tuned — odds are we’ll see a sale to celebrate this update sooner or later.