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iPhone.MY previews the GTA clone ‘Car Jack Streets 2′

Randal’s [the protagonist] money-making options are many and fall on both sides of the law. While, as one might expect, money can be earned by jacking cars for chop shops, helping with bank robberies, delivering “merchandise,” and knocking off or protecting thugs, there are also legit ways to bring in the cash, such as driving taxis and buses and delivering pizza. A pizza pays a bit less than a hit, however…
Welcome to Car Jack Streets 2, a sequel to a previous release of the same name. While it may not exactly be Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars, it boast a more cartoony graphics – you either love it or hate it – plus a notable free to play mechanism with tons of social features in stored for the gamers.
We’ll bring you more highlights once the game is due for release.