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Lots of iPad games go on sale this weekend, likely more to come

iOS developers have realized that there will probably be a whole lot of iPad 2 apps sold this weekend (since there will be so many new iPad 2s wandering around), so they’ve dropped prices on quite a few iPhone apps. AppAdvice has a good list up — EA’s apps are in there, including Mirror’s Edge and the recently released Dead Space, and Firemint’s Flight Control HD is down to a buck this weekend. Minigore HD is also on sale for a dollar, definitely worth a purchase if you haven’t grabbed it yet. Bulkypix is also putting most of its iPad games on sale, though that sale doesn’t start until tomorrow morning.

I doubt this is the last we’ll see of these sales — there’s going to be a pretty big rush for the top apps lists in iTunes this weekend, as developers try to take advantage of the incoming flood of iPad 2 owners. The good news is that you, as an iPad 1 owner or someone lucky enough to get a shiny new iPad 2, will get to grab some great apps for cheap.