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Mac Gamers Rejoice! Direct2Drive Is Here

There was a time when proudly declaring yourself a Mac gamer would earn you laughs at best, and a smear of sputum streaking down your face at worst. These days, though, the Mac’s a great place to be, thanks toSteam for Mac and the Mac App Store, and it’s just gotten a little better: IGN’s Direct2Drive has just launched their own Mac games section.
Direct2Drive is now selling top Mac gaming titles which they hope will make them a “ray of hope into a dark, PC-game filled world.” I wouldn’t say that, given how rich the PC gaming world actually is, but given Apple’s growing market share and the rise of native ports for Mac in the last year or so, one thing’s for sure: there’s certainly a lot more options to choose from than there once was.
Right now, Direct2Drive mostly sells the same titles platforms like Steam for Mac sell, but they’re going to be focusing and encouraging Mac gamers with a regular Mac Monday sale.
If you’re a gamer not afraid to give another digital download service a shot, Direct2Drive is yet another great option for gamers who’ve stayed loyal to a platform that once couldn’t scrape together enough discs to throw even the loneliest of LAN parties.