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More iPad apps on sale, now and through the weekend

So you’ve picked up your brand new iPad and you need some new apps to install on it? You’re in luck — developers have seen your problem coming, and they’d like to offer you their apps specifically, at a discounted price of course. We posted about some iPad 2 sales yesterday, but there’s a whole bunch more on today, and most of these will be running throughout the rest of the weekend.
Coming in at just a buck, there’s Worms HDHomerun Battle 3D for iPad, and the HD version of the great Spider: Bryce Manor. Gameloft also has a nice iPad sale on, with most of its titles for just a buck. The 7th Guest for iPad is on for just $1.99, and there are a few other EA games out for a couple bucks more, as we mentioned yesterday. In short, if there’s an iPad app you’ve had your eye on, give it a look this weekend. Developers are planning to sell plenty of apps as people come home with new iPads today, and dropping the prices tends to push those numbers even higher.