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Mr. Yin & Ms. Yang goes FREE for a limited time

Mr Yin & Ms Yang is a puzzle game with a twist. It looks very simple on surface but the twisted parallel worlds gives the depth to this game.
A destined couple, Mr Yin and Ms Yang, got lost on their way to the wedding. They were dragged into two parallel universes and are now being trapped in a dark world and a bright world, respectively. Both of their worlds are deeply interrelated just as the concept of yin yang philosophy tells us.
They need to find the exit that can lead them to the same universe. Your mission is to lead them to the same exit in each level. Can you help them out to come back to the real world so that they can get married? There are fifty exits waiting for you!
Gameplay Features:
– 50 well designed levels
– Retro-like graphics
– Unique puzzle system
– Simple control