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New and updated iPhone and iPad apps for Friday, April 1

Every day, we got flooded with announcements for new and updated iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games. So every day we pick just a few of the most interesting, the most notable, and simply the most awesome to share with you!
  • Legendary Wars: Take command of your heroes; including Elven Archers, Hulking Golems, Powerful Wizards, and Magical Unicorns. Build up massive armies to destroy the undead forces of the Netherworld! [$0.99 – iTunes link
  • Rolando: Updated graphics and on sale! [Rolando, $0.99 – iTunes link] [Rolando 2, $0.99 – iTunes link]
  • TWCable TV: Added detection of WiFi connection, created “video only view” where the title bar is hidden when the mini guide is hidden, and more! [Free – iTunes link]
  • Tweetings for Twitter: Now with inline conversation thread in tweet view, the ability to copy the URL of a web page to the device clipboard from the action menu in the browser screen, and more! [$2.99 – iTunes link]
  • 101 April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas: Learn the most exciting Prank Ideas of April Fool’s! [Free – iTunes link]
  • GlobalTV: Canadian TV network Global has updated their iPad app, adding universal support for iPhone and iPod touch as well. [Free – iTunes link]
Any other big apps or game releases or updates today? If you pick any of these up, let us know what you think!