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New Humble bundle offers four Frozenbyte games for $50

The folks behind the extremely popular Humble Indie bundles are at it again — this time, they’ve assembled a “Humble Frozenbyte Bundle,” featuring a four-pack of games from Finnish game developer Frozenbyte. The real centerpiece here is Trine, an excellent physics-based puzzler/platformer that’s done well both on PC and on the consoles, but the other titles (Shadowgrounds, sequel Shadowgrounds Survivor, and an upcoming game called Splot) aren’t bad either. There’s a game prototype in the mix called Jack Claw — that’s a game that Frozenbyte eventually canceled without release, but buyers of this bundle will get to play it anyway.
As with the other Humble bundles, all of these games are Mac-compatible and DRM-free, and the price is pay-what-you-will, with money going either to Frozenbyte or to the EFF or Child’s Play. The suggested price is $50 (which is still a great deal for four games), but you can give whatever you want to whoever you want and still get the bundle for yourself.
On a quick platform-specific note, too, Mac users aren’t being quite as well represented this time around — they’re paying, on average, way less than Linux users, and taking the smallest piece of the pie out of the three platforms. If you do buy the bundle (and the games are compatible on any and all platforms anyway), make sure to show a little Mac pride over there, and prove that among the three OSes, Mac users are the most willing to pony up for great software.