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One Single Life only gives you one chance to complete the game

iOS games range from the casual Doodle Jump to the nail-biting action of Dead Space. A new entry into the gaming market, One Single Life, puts you on the edge of your seat by offering players a single chance to beat the game. It’s do or die time on every round in this thriller released by FreshTone Games.
The gameplay is deceivingly simple. All you have to do is jump from building to building without getting killed. One false move, though, and your character plummets to its death and the game is over. Once you are gone, there is no second chance.
To make the game more of a nail-biter, players are subjected to some good ol’ verbal taunting before a jump. The game presents your dire chances of completing that level and questions your ability to beat the task at hand. As you can imagine, One Single Life is less about skill and more about mental toughness as you face this increasing pressure.
The game is available for free so iOS owners can give it a try with no financial risk. The only thing you stand to lose is your pride.
[Via OhGizmo]