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Parrot to Engage in AR.Drone Combat SIM with AR.FlyingAce

Model airplane enthusiasts, iPhone owners, and any geek who likes a good ol’ fashioned RC helicopter hasfallen in love with Parrot’s AR.Drone quadricopter, a WiFi controlled helicopter that is piloted using the iPhone. Made to fly indoors (or outside with a special streamlined shell), the AR.Drone can pipe video back to your iPhone’s display, engage virtual targets, and tag other AR.Drones for a half real-life and half virtual-reality based air chase (AR.Pursuit which is available on the App Store for $2.99). iLounge via TUAW reports that a more complete dogfighting solution is coming for your flying drones called AR.FlyingAce will enable you to show down opposing players after taking enough virtual damage. Players on the same WiFi network can compete in multiplayer matches to be the last one standing. It’s just like playing laster tag, except you can sit on the couch instead of diving behind it. We’ve posted the promo video after the break, and you can expect AR.FlyingAce to hit the App Store on April 15th.
[iLounge via TUAW]