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Peggle updated with “Peggle Nights” for $0.99

Oh boy, just how much we love Peggle, the PopCap fave released for the iPhone community back in June last year.
Peggle, which MSNBC named one of the “Top 5 most addictive computer games of all time,” is a 2D game in which the goal is to use an aimable ball launcher at the top of the screen to fire a ball into a screen full of pegs and bricks and eliminate all orange-colored pegs and bricks before running out of balls.
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A couple of days ago, PopCap released a surprise update to Peggle. This new update adds the entire sequel Peggle Nights to the original Peggle as an in-app purchase for $0.99. There are 6 demo levels for you to try before you buy, and the full Peggle Nights upgrade features 60 new levels across four game modes, with new challenges and trophies to earn. This following YouTube video shows some gameplay excerpts from the PC version of Peggle Nights.
Peggle is indeed a time-waster, but trust the millions of players around the world who’ve had some Peggle-awesomeness, you’ll come back for more!
Go ahead, grab Peggle for $0.99 (sale price) from the App Store now. Then, add another $0.99 for the In-App Purchase of the sequel, Peggle Nights.