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Ramp Champ goes free in App Store

Ramp Champ, the Icon Factory’s delightful skeeball app, has gone free. Originally $1.99, the app is now yours for the downloading. The Icon Factory’s Craig Hockenberry told us, “We’re pleased to put the fun and addictive play of the original Ramp Champ into the hands of thousands of new users, all for free.”
The new pricing does not affect in-app purchases of premium courses. Hockenberry added, “Players who love the built-in ramps can easily add new ones with a 99¢ in-app purchase.”
The courses that ship free with the app are plenty of fun to play with. I paid full price when Ramp Champ first shipped and found it well worth my money. Now you can spend your money on adding extra ramps instead of buying the basic ones. You’ll be well rewarded with the game play.