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Save World War I From Zombies And Cthulhu With The Wasted Land on iOS

Those who are familiar with my long smoldering side-joint, Ectomo, know I might have a little bit of thing for the Eldritch, the R’lyehian, the Nyarlathotepesque. Cthulhu, in other words.
So I’m sure you’ll excuse the steaming pool of ejaculated central nervous system at my feet as I write this, because I got a little bit excited when I heard tell that indie dev Red Wasp Design is bringing Call of Cuthulhu: The Wasted Land to the iPhone and iPod Touch.
What kind of game is this? Inspired by the paper RPG, The Wasted Land takes place (says Touch Arcade) in “an undead army that is ravaging Europe. It’s up to you to find a way to stop the corpse advance through a mix of turn-based action.”
That doesn’t exactly sound very Lovecraftian, but we’ll see how it plays out. My faith is strengthened by the fact that Red Wasp Design went on to say this:
“We’re doing our own thing — but in terms of gameplay, players of games like X-COM or Fire Emblem would understand where we are getting inspiration from.”
Considering the fact that those are two of my favorite games of all time, consider me sold. Unfortunately, there seems to be quite a spell to wait, with Touch Arcade not anticipating a release until after this summer.